Plurality Plurality

A Message from Trainwreck Labs

I am sad to announce that there will be no more new surveys added to Plurality for the foreseeable future.

Plurality started off as an experiment to understand the diversity of opinions of random internet strangers, but instead became an illustration of how much we all have in common. I am extremely grateful to the people who responded to this game's hundreds of surveys, shared their scores, and hopefully learned something every now and then.

Old surveys will remain up indefinitely, but if you want to continue enjoying new daily challenges, make sure to checkout other games from Trainwreck Labs!

Although there are no current plans to upload new surveys, Plurality may eventually return. If that happens, the first place you'll hear about it is on the official Trainwreck Labs Discord server. Make sure to join and be on the lookout for updates!

With gratitude,

The Abe Train